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Welcome to the project for providing freely available dictionaries, spell- and grammar checking systems for Norwegian bokmål and nynorsk. This project is a continuation of the good work done previously by Rune Kleveland, and is the source of all the freely available spell checking systems for these languages. Currently, support for ispell, aspell and myspell is included.

The maintenance of the word database is done using the system speling.org. This is an email driven system where everybody can help to make the database better by proof reading the words.

This project includes the following for bokmål and nynorsk:

The project files are maintained on Alioth.


2016-04-21 Version 2.2 released
Version 2.2 was release April 15th. More information about the new release can be found here.
2012-10-02 Press release about version 2.1
The project sent out a press release with information about the new release.
The Grammar project was started. It's living in grammar-norwegian/ in the CVS, but is in pre-beta stage for the moment (not ready for distribution). A wiki page is created to ease collaboration and to include also people without CVS :)
2008-03-10 Version 2.0.10 released
Axel wrapped up a new release with a lot of new words. A press release was distributed to announce it.
2007-02-20 Press release from NUUG about the new release
NUUG sent out a press release with information about the new release and a reminder about the request to release the official list of Norwegian words.
2006-02-19 Version 2.0.9 released
Håvard wrapped up a new release with a lot of new words.
2007-01-17 Application to release the norwegian word database
Got hold of an application sent by the norwegian language council (Språkrådet) 2006-09-26 to the department of culture for funding to improve the official word database and release the content for free use by both commercial and non-commercial use.
2006-12-04 Article in Computerworld Norge
A request to the department of culture in Norway from Norwegian Unix User Group resulted in an article titled "Linux-dugnad skal redde nynorsk".
2006-03-31 Article in Computerworld Norge
An interview with Axel Bojer and Petter Reinholdtsen about the Norwegian spell checking project appeared in Computerworld Norge issue 2006-03-31 page 8 and the web version appeared 2006-04-02.
2006-02-27 Press release about the project
Published a press release about the new birth of the project, to try to get more participants and make the improved spell checking system more known.
2006-02-25 Web page renovated
Axel and Petter spent a few hours freshing up the web pages, to make it easier to find ones way around the site, and to prepare for a upcoming press release.
2006-02-24 Version 2.0.6 released
Petter made a new release with improved nb thesaurus support in the OOo package.
2006-02-19 Version 2.0.5 released
2006-02-16 Version 2.0.4 released
2006-01-15 Version 2.0.3 released
2006-01-04 Version 2.0.2 released
2005-12-31 Version 2.0.1 released
2000-09-12 Version 2.0 released
1998-07-06 Version 1.1a released
1998-06-03 Version 1.1 released
1998-05-20 Version 1.0 released


Updated source tarball and myspell(OOo) package are available from Alioth.

Aspell and ispell packages are coming soon.

Torstein made a preliminary packages available from his home page. This are untested and only for review. Comments regarding these:
ispell package is only with hash files. Might be missing some files
aspell: untested (This is contributed by Toralf Lund)
myspell: should be the same found at openoffice.org spell pages.  (This is contributed by Toralf Lund.)

Missing words etc!

If you find that some words are missing from the bokmål or the nynorsk read the documentation [no] of speling.org, and join the proof readers of the word lists.

If you find bugs and other problems with this package, report it to the project mailing list. Both English and Norwegian is acceptable on the list.


This spell checking package and word database is licenced using the GNU general public licence v2 or later.


The project is currently using the Norwegian translators mailing list to coordinate the work. Email: i18n-no <at> lister dot ping dot uio dot no to get in touch with the project members.
Saturday: 25/02/2006

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