The Norwegian ispell-dictionary home page

The most important file available here contains a list of 750 000 Norwegian words. Each word is marked with a number indicating the commonness of that word. Compound words are hyphenated at their compound points. Some words are marked as belonging to a specific classes; mathematics, oil, conservative language, 'samnorsk' etc. Words marked with a star are allowed in Nynorsk.

This file is usable to several things:

Routines for the first three items on the above list is included in the Makefiles. The last three was too hard to implement in Make.



The distribution ispell-norsk-2.0.tar.gz (2204k) is free in the GPL sense and contains these files:


There has been a lot of changes since version 1.1a. The quality has improved a lot, and the structure of the distribution is completely new. Therefore i choose not to make the previous versions available from this site.

Here is a rough summary of the changes:

Todo list

Comments, suggestions and bug-reports to If you have or want to make a correct dictionary from some field of knowledge, i would like to include it in the next release. See the README file for some suggestions about how to get started. All you need is a large amount of Norwegian text from the field in question and some time to organize the dictionary.